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English Newspaper Articles

Title Publisher
"Death By Comformity"
Japan's corporate warriors are killing themselves in record numbers.
Aug. 20. 2001
Overworked Trade Union World
Apr. 1998
Work-linked suicides end up in court Life
(HongKong Standard)
Jun, 18. 1998
A Young Woman's Death from Overwork The Bankworker
spring, 1995
We must work hard to eradicate karoshi ASAHI SHINBUN
Oct, 26. 1992
Japan's Businesses and Courts Find that Overwork can kill Herald Tribune
(Tokyo Edition)
Jul, 17. 1992
Japanese workaholics become a dying race The Metal Worker
Nov. 1991
Overtime ruling is supported The Japan Times
Nov, 29. 1991
"What did he die for"
The families of Japan's Karoshi victims are asking the courts for answers and compensation
Nov, 18. 1991
Itinerary for an early grave The Economist
Oct, 26 - Nov, 1. 1991
The workplace as killing field The Globe and Mail
Sep, 21. 1991
Company is sued for 80 million yen after employee, dies of stroke The Japan Times
Feb, 22. 1991
The pace starts to tell on Japan's corporate warriors Free Labor World
Jan, 31. 1991
Working their way to a sudden death The Japan Times
Dec, 5. 1990
Tokyo Tries to Find Out if `salaryman` Are Working Themselves to Death The New York Times
Mar, 19. 1990
Govt Recognizes Overwork THE DAILY YOMIURI
Apr, 12. 1990
Sudden death is an increasing threat to employees The Japan Times
Jul, 4. 1989
Coming to Grips with Karoshi Time
Jan, 30. 1989
Japanese live...and die...for their work Chicago Tribune
Nov, 13. 1988

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Journal Articles

Title Publisher
Stress at work World Labour Report (Chapter 5)
International Labour Office Geneva 1993
Death and the Corporate Warrior
(Hiroshi Kawahito)
Japan Quarterly
Asahi Shimbun
Apr-Jun, 1991
The pace starts to tell on Japan's corporate warriors FREE LABOUR WORLD (No.1/91)
International Confederation of
Free Trade Unions
Jan. 31, 1991

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Title Publisher
KAROSHI National Defence Counsel for
Victims of KAROSHI
Mado-sha 1990

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